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Improve Your Insulation Before Icy Weather Hits


With our first taste of winter upon us, it’s not too late to think about improving your insulation.  Spray foam insulation can reduce your energy bills, protect pipes and plumbing, reinforce walls and roofs from winter elements, and create air tight barriers to provide comfortable interior climates.  Please read the detailed article below for more information.



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Problems with crawl spaces

I wanted to pass along a great article that was published in earlier this month.  It addresses problems in unseen crawl spaces like standing water, moisture, mold, insects and rodents. Spray foam insulation is a great solution in preventing these issues from entering duct work, or leaky air barriers through the floor.


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The Energy Efficient Tax Credit has been extended!

By installing Spray Foam Insulation in your home, you can qualify for up to a $2000 tax credit
The US congress recently extended the Energy Efficient Tax Credit. This is great news for the homeowners and builders looking to include energy efficient insulation in their home .

The revised legislation changed the base of the tax credit from 2003 to the 2006 international Energy conservation Code enabling builders to take advantage of the $2000 tax credit. The credit was extended through to December 31st, 2013 as part of the compromise legislation to avert the fiscal cliff. Previously the deadline was December 31st, 2012.

The legislation also extended the tax credit for the US homeowners to purchase qualified products to improve the energy efficiency of their existing homes. Icynene spray foam insulation products qualify under the tax credit regulations. Additional information about how homeowners can claim the $2,000 tax credit can be found here

Building envelope residential requirements per 2006 IECC can be found here:

This is great news for homeowners and builders looking to include energy efficient insulation in there homes.

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Welcome to our new website!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the exciting industry of spray foam insulation. We hope as you go through our website, that you will leave with a better understanding of the benefits and its importance for the future. We will periodically update the website with information and current articles about the industry. Due to the catastrophic results from Super Storm Sandy, we would first like to address the FEMA suggested benefits of spray foam insulation.

an investment in future preparedness

In the aftermath of an extreme weather event such as hurricane, investing in spray foam insulation can be a key component in protecting your home or business. Extreme weather can cause various kinds of damage including:

  • Wind damage (e.g. shingle and/or roof uplift, cladding uplift, debris-impact damage)
  • Water damage from wind-driven rain penetration, roof, wall and window leaks, and
  • water penetration at wind/impact damage points
  • Basement, crawlspaces and living area flooding-related issues

Using flood-resistant materials

Did you know that spray foam insulation is classified as a flood-resistant material?

FEMA has identified closed-cell spray foam as a flood-resistant material used in coastal homes due to its resilience.
FEMA defines any flood-resistant material as “any building material capable of withstanding direct and prolonged contact with floodwaters without sustaining significant damage.” Included among the list of flood-resistant materials is:

  • closed-cell spray foam
  • pressure-treated lumber
  • reinforced masonry
  • corrosion-resistant coated structural steel

Mitigate roof damage

Water penetration from roof damage is considered one of the most commons insurance claims across the United States. The water resistant qualities of closed-cell spray foam provide a barrier to help deflect water from coming into the roof space. This is particularly ideal for wind- driven rain, a common feature of hurricanes.

Where additional hurricane hold-down resistance is required, all Icynene spray foam products benefit an unvented roof by eliminating upward pressures from pressurizing the attic via roof vents.

Protect crawlspaces, basements and walls
As an air barrier, spray foam helps limit moist air penetrating the building. In non flood-prone areas, light-density spray foam’s air-barrier qualities allow bi-directional assembly drying. This enables basement walls to dry out should they become wet. In flood zones, medium-density spray foam can be used since it does not absorb moisture.

Re-insulation with foam insulation is an investment in future preparedness and protection. Contact us today to discuss how you can repair and protect with spray foam.

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