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Kirby Slack is the owner operator of Next Generation Insulation, LLC in Newtown Square, PA. He founded NGI to meet the growing need in southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey for more efficient, healthier home and business insulation.

Kirby spent the first 15 years of his career in the manufacturing industry, specializing in plant management. He then started his own construction company to pursue his love of building. As a builder, Kirby had always encouraged his customers to insulate their homes with energy-efficient spray foam. He found however, that there was a gap in service for the Mid-Atlantic region. His passion for and support of this technology led him to start his own company to fill the service need.

After extensive research, he chose to become a licensed dealer for Icynene, a manufacturer of spray foam products for more than 20 years. In fact, Kirby is the first licensed Icynene dealer in southeastern PA. He is confident that Icynene manufactures the highest quality products, with the best training and warranty on the market today. Kirby uses his experience as a builder to help homeowners, builders, and architects to appreciate the multiple benefits of using Icynene spray foam in homes and businesses.

Kirby grew up in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, and attended the University of Delaware. He currently resides in Newtown Square with his wife and two children.