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Extensive benefits

Installing spray foam insulation when you build or renovate will improve the energy efficiency of your
home which can lead to:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Noise reduction
  • Saving money and increased resale value
  • A more comfortable environment
  • Protecting the structure of your home

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Convenience and quality

At NGI, our first priority is meeting our clients’ timelines. Then, we put our experience and expertise to work for you to help:

  • Show why spray foam is the only insulation that recoups its cost
  • Insulate new and existing homes
  • Build energy efficient homes
  • Ensure compliance with energy codes
  • Demonstrate our product strengths and warranty

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HURRICANE recovery
and preparedness

Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath shows the importance of using spray foam insulation, especially in flood prone areas. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has specifically recommended the use of this type of insulation for all coastal structures. Many shore homeowners have already installed spray foam after ripping out the heavy, water-saturated traditional insulation.


What our customers say about NGI


“Next Generation Insulation provides an unparalleled combination of product quality, service, knowledge, attention to detail and price. NGI provides expert insulation installers with fantastic product knowledge as well as an understanding of how their product interacts with all other aspects of construction. We could not recommend them any more highly.” -- Cullen Construction, Inc.
Cullen Construction, Inc.


"I have been building quality homes in the main line for over 15 years. We use N.G.I. for all of our spray foam and specialty insulation needs. With the ever increasing importance of indoor air quality and energy efficiency, it is good to have a partner like Kirby Slack who totally understands the complexities of R- value, perm ratings and dew points. Our company often refers our clients, building inspectors and other homebuilding professionals to N.G.I. when codes conflict with up-to-the-minute science, trade publication information or common sense. He is a respected industry expert." --Andrew M. Kerns, Ranieri & Kerns Associates, LLC.
Ranieri & Kerns Associates, LLC.
"We have completed three projects (garage, sunroom and mudroom) using NGI for spray foam insulation. We have been so pleased with their work we intend to complete another project this fall (basement). Kirby is knowledgeable, professional, responsive and reasonably priced. The work is scheduled promptly and the worksite kept clean. I would highly recommend Kirby and NGI for your spray foam insulation needs." -- Emma S., Wayne, PA
Emma S., Wayne, PA

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